Monday, January 24, 2011

Back from Owie

It's funny how you talk about a vacation, plan for it for over a year, and then your sitting on your couch looking at the pictures you took on your vacation, wondering if you were actually there. It goes so fast!

We just got back from a 10 day trip to Maui (or as Liam calls it, "Owie"). We spent half our vacation celebrating my brother, Jeff, and his new wife, Christine's wedding, and the other half playing with my parents. We were also sort of celebrating our 10 year anniversary, coming up in February. The weather was amazing, the people were a ton of fun, and the sights did not disappoint. I had Aunts and uncles and cousins to play with, we met the important people in Christine's world. All in all we made some great memories.

We started our vacay with a day on the beach followed by an incredibly delicious welcome BBQ hosted by the bride's family. The next day we toured around the area where we stayed and then hit the rehearsal. Sunday was the wedding and then Monday through Saturday we did whatever we wanted! We took our sweet friend, Heidi, with us to watch the kids during all of the wedding stuff. She did an amazing job and the kids love her. I wish we would have begged her to stay for the whole 10 days so that we could have gone out more!

There were only two downsides to the entire trip. Liam was terrified of the ocean, which killed our ability to hang out on the Hawaii...are you kidding me?!? It was so bad that every time we got in the car he started to panic that we might be going to the beach. His little eyes would go moist and his face would get red and he would start coming up with any excuse not to go to the beach. "Liam take a nap," "Liam stay in his seat," "Back to Owie house," "Back to Owie Condo," "Go to store." You get the idea. It didn't matter how much we tried to convince him we were NOT going to the beach, he wouldn't relax until we got where ever we were headed and he could see we weren't at the ocean. And then half way through the trip Jonah got a really bad cold, followed by Liam, followed by my dad, my mom, Edwin and then me. Again, are you kidding me?!?

But, those aside, we had an amazing trip. So much so that Edwin is now trying to convince me we need to buy a condo there and go all the time! He does this everywhere we go. Maybe we should wait awhile and see if Liam gets over his fear of the ocean. I would hate to live in Hawaii and not be able to go to the beach!

Here is a slideshow of some of our photos. Turns out we were having so much fun that we forgot to take pictures most of the time. I guess we will have to go back for more!

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Monday, January 10, 2011


We got some serious snow on Sunday and it was glorious! It was also Liam's first time really playing in the snow. He LOVED it! I put together a little video. By the way, I was recently told that when you get the emails for Martinez Moments you don't get the videos. No problem, just click on the title to the blog post and it will send you straight to the blog, which is better for viewing photos and videos anyway. The emails are only meant to be an alert that there is a new post.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jesus Loves Me

I got my superstar on video the other day. He is singing more and more. And in the last few days he has been playing with his guitar constantly. I think you'll see from the video that he definitely has some show flare to go along with his talents!

And as always, Jonah is not to be left out. He is rolling over now. He's been rolling over from his tummy to his back and he rolled for the first time from his back to his tummy yesterday. I love the end of this video! Jonah pulls some moves that look like baby breakdancing! Maybe he'll have something to contribute to the family talent pool.

And these have nothing to do with anything, I just thought they merited a spot on the blog.

The sunset off of our deck on New Year's Day.

Isn't he the cutest?