Friday, August 31, 2012

Rowan at 7 Weeks

We had A friend of ours, Gabe Rodriguez, come over and do Rowan's 7 week photos. We've done all the boys at that age. He did a phenomenal job, I love them all! But these are my favorites. The kids had a great time with him too. The were hamming it up for him! Thank you so much Gabe!

Monday, August 27, 2012

August Update

OK, so here is the thing about pictures and videos and blogging. I barely have time to take pictures. I almost never remember my camera so all of the pictures and video end up on my phone. Most of the really good pictures and videos are on Edwin's phone, so I never see those after they're taken. Thankfully my phone sends the pictures to my computer, but not the video. I rarely hook the actual camera up to the computer and download the pictures and video from that. Then I have to get them all on the blog, or at least on Facebook? Pictures are relatively easy to upload, but video takes way too long. The result? Very few pictures and even fewer videos end up anywhere that anyone but me ever sees! All that to say, here is my meager offering of pictures taken in August. No time for video with the current list of things to do sitting next to me on the couch.  already posted some of these on Facebook, but thought I would try to get a blog post up.

August FLEW by! We celebrated Jonah's birthday not one, but three times! Once on the actual day, a party here at home and one in Canada with our cousins. Liam learned how to ride a bike. No pictures of that, only video. Maybe I'll try to post that later. We spent a lot of time outside, playing in pools and at parks, we went to the fair, we survived our first road trip to spend 10 days in Spokane and hit up a lot of attractions, saw some good friends and ate really well, and I can't even remember what else! In kid news Rowan is already 9 weeks old and he has started interacting and smiling with us more. He is the sweetest, cutest little baby! Liam is a fantastic older brother. I love to see how he has matured since Rowan's arrival, even with Jonah. Jonah is talking better and better. He is improving on speaking in full sentences (all of which usually contain some sassy-ness so we are constantly cracking up). Maybe I won't have to develop a Rosetta Stone program for him. Edwin is still really busy with the business (I think I write that line in every blog post, but I don't have time to go back and see). And I am just trying to keep my head above water. I find I almost never sit when I'm at home anymore, which made Spokane such a treat. I actually read a book for the first time in almost a year! Two, if I'm being honest (:

So here are some pictures for proof. I don't have pictures of a lot of the fun stuff we've done because those are on Edwin's phone, so I'm missing half the month's fun, but here is what I could come up with between my phone and camera. No video, that would take too much time, so this will have to do!

 One of Rowan's first smiles. There are so hard to capture because he gives me his shocked look as soon as I lift up the camera.

 Liam and Jonah LOVED the fair! This was our first time on a ride and they are forever changed. We went to another fair in Spokane and went on a ton of rides and they loved it. Liam gets the giggles (all on Edwin's phone, of course) and Jonah looks like a stoic statue. He loves it but he shows NO emotion.  

 We went to the fair with these three characters

 This was taken at horse show that we went to see. The kids loved it.

 These were taken at a really cool pool near my parents house in Spokane. The boys love water. I can't wait until they learn how to swim. Maybe next summer!

 At Riverfront Park with the parents

 Reading the paper with Daddy

 This was taken at Jonah's birthday party. It's so hard to get all three kids looking cute for a picture!

 Jonah eating his favorite meal, ribs, for his birthday. Everyone else had finished and Jonah was still gnawing on rib bones for a good 45 minutes.

 The party was a John Deere Tractor theme. This is the piƱata.

 And the cake.

 I love this shot Edwin took of the tractor on the cake with the actual tractor in the background.

 This was the second party in Canada with the cousins. Mady and Ceci put everything together for our little man.

 I took this picture of Liam's drawing pad because I was SO proud of him. When I went to get him out of quiet time he had been writing his letters. I had no idea he knew how to write them all! As well as my name and his. This kid loves his letters!

 Playing in the pool in Spokane. We were loving the 90 degree weather. It was pretty hard to come back to Bellingham with the forecast looking the way it does. :(

Love the hair