Thursday, October 28, 2010

So long October,

I barely noticed you, you flew by so fast! Not much has been going on here in the Martinez house. Well, with the exception of Jonah. I can't believe how fast infants grow and change. With every other age you have to look back at video and pictures to notice the changes, but I feel like I can see Jonah changing right before my eyes! He is so amazing, I call him my little sunshine. The child smiles ALL the time. And he has started to giggle, which I adore. Anyway, here are a few pictures taken this month, for those of you who don't get to see us in person very often!

Snuggling up to go out for a walk
We hit up the pumpkin patch again this year. I think it is more for me than anyone else in the family, but they humor me. Remember this picture from last fall?

Look how much Liam has grown and changed! I think I will have to make this an annual shot.

Not quite tall enough yet, maybe next year.

Driving the old rusty tractor

Why do my parents make me do these things?

This is how Jonah rocked the pumpkin patch.

Mini handiman

Jonah's bed head cracks me up. Every time we give him a bath he wakes up from his next nap with some really funny style.

My little monkeys.
And here is a bunch of this months little video clips strung together so that you can seen the boys in action.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family Photos

Right before Liam's birthday in September we had our favorite photographer, Evantide Photography, come out and take some family photos. We had some taken when Liam was 6 weeks old, so we wanted to get some of Jonah at the same age. And since they were coming out we decided to get some of the family and some of just Liam at two years old. We did them all here at home and were so grateful for a perfect day of weather! I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves...