Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Month Gone By, Already?

Why does it seem like April and May went by without my knowledge? And what is more strange is that they can't have flown by because this pregnancy is dragging on and on. I feel like I have been pregnant for over a year as opposed to 7 months! So, somehow the time flew by but it also stood still.

I meant to blog earlier this month but Edwin erased my pictures from the camera. Don't be too upset for me, he managed to get them on his computer first without knowing they were there. So my pictures are on they busiest guy on earth's computer and I have little hope they will ever make it to mine. I was going to tell you that Liam got out of his crib for the first time! I had picture evidence of the giant goose egg on his forehead. We decided to wait before transitioning him out of his crib to see if there would be a repeat performance and there hasn't been. Lucky us, because I am so not ready to play the "get back in your bed" game. Soon, just not quite yet, please!

Mid may Edwin went back down to Guatemala so Liam and I packed up our stuff and headed for Bopa's house (Liam's name for Grandpa AND Grandma). I introduced Liam to bubbles and they are a new fascination for him. He gets so excited and screams and jumps up and down and chases them around. But he refuses to be in control of the bubble gun I use. He will not touch it. That doesn't seem very kid like to me, but maybe it takes all of the magic out when he has to do the work! So we took the bubble gun to Bopa's house and spent a lot of time playing outside.

Liam has a ton of new words and is trying new things every day. He has started to sing a little bit, loves to do the motions to children's songs, can say the letters A through G when prompted, and he has started counting but only likes to say two and four. He can say one and three, but prefers not to most of the time. I took this picture on the count of two because he gets so tickled every time he says two.

Liam started saying thank you, unprompted, at the appropriate times (what a lovely child I am raising). He is comfortable putting his face in the bath water and blowing bubbles. I have some videos but am too lazy to download them. He sits and plays with legos for long periods of time, loves to be outside, mainly playing with rocks, loves to eat and can't wait for snack time, and still loves books. He spends so much time sitting in his room reading! Edwin and I are starting to feel fear for what our next child will be like since this one is so mellow most of the time.

The baby in the belly is doing well and growing as he should be. He kicks all of the time and really hard too. I am starting to wonder if he ever sleeps! I think he is going to be a little more like his daddy. Energy abounds with the Martinez men, so Lord help me! 10 more weeks to go to carry this baby full term. 4 1/2 if he has a mind of his own like Liam did! But the doctors are monitoring me fairly closely so hopefully we would be a little more prepared this time. We are praying to carry him to full term and that he won't be as big as Liam was. If you don't remember, Liam was already 6 lbs 10 oz, nearly six weeks early!