Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finally Blog Worthy!

My new (and first) baby niece, Miss Charlotte Ann Grant! Born Thursday morning, March 8, to my brother, Jeff, and his wife, Christine. Now that is blog-worthy, don't you think? Here she is, just two and a half days old with the new daddy.

And here she is again with her Grandma, who is thrilled to finally have a grand daughter to shop for!

And here she is with her favorite Auntie ;) snuggling up to her cousin, due in 3 1/2 months. The baby in the belly was getting in some good love kicks to Charlotte's little bottom!

We spent the weekend with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin Ellie in Everett as a half way point to spending time with Charlotte. The boys LOVE it there! They had so much fun. Ellie and Mikki spoil them, so who wouldn't love it. They spoiled us too...

And some odds and ends from the camera...

Last week we were so surprised to wake up to this! The kids had an amazing time playing in the yard and the sun was so gorgeous and warm that even I enjoyed the hours outside!

My two favorite goof balls. I love that they are playing together more and more now. It's so fun to hear them giggling and laughing (and then, of course, screaming and crying) together.

So, no, the camera hasn't been broken and the blog still works. I just haven't had much blog worthy stuff lately. We've all been sick off and on most of the winter. Jonah had his surgery to get tubes put in his ears and he's a totally different kid now. So fun and happy! His vocabulary is finally taking off now that he can hear and he is transitioning into a lot of big boy things as well. Edwin has been gone to Guatemala A LOT. I went on a four day weekend retreat with some girlfriends, which was an amazing break for me. And Liam has just been getting more and more mature in so many ways. He is often a huge help to me, he's very loving and cuddly, and more than anything he loves to play with his best buddy, Merritt. Oh, and the baby in the belly is growing well and moving around a ton. He/She looked great on last ultrasound and I have been feeling pretty good, aside from the normal pregnancy tired and off and on heartburn.

So, that's all for now. I'm hoping to have more blog worthy stuff in the next few months. It's been kind of boring around here!