Sunday, July 26, 2009

Clowning Around

This kid is really funny.

And for those of you (Papa) who really like the toy bin video from the last post, I just found this one as I was downloading pictures from my camera. Oh how he loves his toy bin.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The latest video

Here is some of the video we have taken lately. The first one is Liam playing in his favorite spot. The second one has a few clips from our time in Chelan with Mark, Renee, Merritt and for those of you who don't know Merritt's new sibling due December 27th! You'll notice we think our kids are quite exciting even when they are just sitting on the floor playing with toys. I mean, what could more fun to watch than that, right?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bad Blogger!

I have been a horrible blogger this last month! I guess we have just been busy and I kept meaning to download our videos to the computer and haven't had a chance. So I decided that a blog without video is better than no blog at all.

Liam is growing up so fast. He is really on the move now. He can crawl anywhere and crawl quickly. He also started pulling himself up to standing, so we are making a lot of changes around home.  I'll always remember the day that I walked into his room to get him from a nap and he was standing there looking at me, so proud of himself. I'll also remember the next day when he stood up and grabbed onto his mobile and couldn't get himself down. I walked in to find him swinging from the mobile like an ape. The good thing is that he already understands what "no touch" means and is so far pretty good about obeying. We'll see how long that lasts! He has six teeth now, two on the bottom and four growing in at different rates on the top front. It looks a little interesting right now, but he is still super cute!

We went to Lake Chelan at the end of June with our friends, Mark and Renee and their son Merritt. We had a great time and most important to me we got to see the sun! We ate a ton of food, went for walks, played cards, jet skied (the guys did anyway), and swam in the pool. Liam still loves water and had a great time in the pool. Here are some pictures of our trip...

Liam's first taste of waffle. He loved it!

Toy thieving. A common occurrence with these two.
I love this picture because my dad has been making that exact same face for as long as I can remember and Liam looks just like him!

Edwin walking with both the boys.

Hopefully I will get some video on here soon. Stay tuned!