Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Christmas of Sickness

I'm finally getting around to posting something on our Christmas. I will have to add some video later, this was all I had time for!

This was the first year that we stayed home for Christmas since we've been married. Edwin's parents, sister, nephew, cousin and cousin's wife and son all came to join us. Christmas day and the day after we got to see my parents as well. Unfortunately we were all sick, every one of us! The only good thing about that was we could liberally spread our germs around without worrying that someone might get sick. We were all so unmotivated that we couldn't even get all of the presents opened until the 28th! But we did have a good time.

We spent some time just relaxing around the house. We celebrated Jesus' birthday with some fireworks. We cooked and ate a ton of food, had Liam's dedication ceremony at church, saw some family that live in the area. All in all it was so nice to be home with everyone. And great to have Jenny here for the first time with us.

One of the highlights was Edwin's birthday gift from his mom. She found his favorite Tonka truck from when he was a little boy. They had stored it all these years. He claimed he used to sit on it and ride it down a hill in front of their home, sometimes even two kids at a time! That was a little hard to believe, but he proved us wrong by showing us he could still sit on it with out any limbs touching the ground. And the best part is she found the very same Tonka in much better condition on Ebay so that Liam could have one of his own just like his daddy's! It was pretty fun to see Edwin's surprise!