Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Adventures

It feels like summer has finally arrived in Bellingham and we are taking advantage of it! Sleeping has been a little difficult for all of us, but the sunny days are worth it. Friday night Edwin decided to put Liam in his winter PJ's for some reason and when I went to check on him before I went to bed I discovered that Liam now knows how to take his own PJ's off without any help. Poor little guy must have been so hot!

Saturday Edwin took Liam out on the Sound with our friend, Tom, and his son, Maxwell, to go crabbing. Liam LOVED the whole experience and now has a new little buddy just his size. Well, no kid Liam's age is really just his size, they are always quite a bit shorter. But fun, nonetheless.

Here is some video of the crabbing.

Then, Saturday afternoon we went up to Ferndale for the Annual Old Settlers Picnic. We had never been before and are making it a policy to go to as many of the festivals in Whatcom County as we can. Some have been disappointing and others have been way beyond expectation (we have developed quite a fascination with the Sumas Bull-o-Rama). Anyway, They had a little carnival, tons of food, a petting zoo, museums and cabins filled with interesting artifacts and, I'm sure, a lot more that we didn't see due to time constraints. But we did what we went to do, which was take Liam to the petting zoo. He loves animals and we thought it would be fun for him to be able to get up close and personal with some of them. He also loves slides, so we paid a ridiculous price for tickets so that he could go down a big slide a few times.

It was a big day of adventures for our little man, so today, Sunday, we are taking it easy at home, eating the crab the guys caught.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Little Bit of Liam

This time I have a really good excuse for not blogging in awhile. We lost our camera. Very, very sad. We looked everywhere we could think of for weeks and finally bit the bullet and bought a new one. I couldn't wait for it to turn up with a baby on the way!

Speaking of baby on the way, we have two and a half weeks left until the official due date, August 8, and it couldn't come any sooner! I am ready to meet this little boy and have him outside of my body. It has been hard to not be able to play with Liam much or run around or even enjoy the short heat wave we had. But Liam has been glowing under the care of his daddy. Edwin has been spending a lot of time with him lately and he has definitely become daddy's little man.

Edwin's mom, Evie (or Nana to Liam), came out for a week to spend some time with Liam and to help me out some, in early July. Liam and I were devastated when she left! He loved all the attention and I loved all the help. Unfortunately for her she came right during our heat wave and she doesn't really enjoy the heat. Especially in our home without A/C. A few the thermostat was reading in the 90's! But it was a great opportunity to break out the kiddie pool and sprinkler. Liam LOVED them!

I love this picture. Edwin is so much fun sometimes. He came out to play with us and Liam wasn't too sure about getting in the pool yet. So Edwin, fully clothed, just gets in and sits down! Liam hopped right in and started to play with daddy. I would have gotten in too, but there wasn't much room left. OK, that's a lie. I had absolutely no intention of sitting in Liam's tiny pool.

The kids having fun...

I had to add this picture for a few reasons. One, Liam is just so cute when he sleeps. He was so hot last night, poor little guy, but he just laid there for about a half hour staring at the ceiling holding on to his three animals. I went in and took the picture when he finally fell asleep. Two, it was pitch dark in is room and I used the night portrait function on my camera. I was impressed with how the picture came out. It looks like the middle of the day!

Finally, of most importance to Liam right now are the ABC's. He is truly obsessed with them. He can identify all 26 capital letters easily now. And he loves to play with his magnetic letters. He will stand at the fridge of 30 to 45 minutes just naming letters and moving them around into different patterns. Genius right? Smart and artistic! He calls out letters on signs and in books and repeatedly chants throughout the day, "ABC, ABC, ABC". Here is a little video of his fridge time. I just love my soon to be eldest son!