Friday, March 27, 2009

Giggles and Rice Cereal

Liam is 6 months old already!  I can't believe half of a year has gone by.  It is going way too fast. We went to his 6 month check up and things are going well.  He is in the 55% for weight and the 90% for height.  He is going to be a tall boy!  Overall his development is close to on track, which is great for a premie. He is starting to admire himself in the mirror, chat up a storm, copy some of things that we do, he is eliminating some of his naps, playing with his feet more and growing so fast none of his clothes fit anymore! We are currently working really hard on rolling over and sitting up. Hopefully he will get those down soon. That will help keep him off of the back of his head. We have another appointment at Children's Hospital in Seattle May 1st to have the back of his head examined. Right now it looks like he may have to wear the therapy helmet because of the flat spot. So, we have just over a month for his head to round out. We are praying hard! I don't think Liam will care, but I know Mommy will.  
We also started rice cereal when we got back from Guatemala. Tomorrow we will start giving it to him two times a day.  Right now it is just at dinner time. He didn't know what to think of it at first but he is definitely getting the hang of it now. I think we will be giving him veggies in no time!

And as always, our little Liam is quite the giggler.  There is not much to see in this video, because as it turns out its hard to tickle and film at the same time. But there is a lot to hear, so make sure your volume is turned up!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Isn't he supposed to be sleeping?

Liam found his vocal chords and he has really been giving them a workout.  I sit by the monitor so that I can hear him in case I need to rescue him while he is sleeping.  But since he discovered his vocal chords I definitely don't need the monitor to be able to hear him.  And lately, he has figured out that he would rather play than sleep anyway. Here is a little video to show you what I mean, but this is nothing compared to when he really gets going! Don't forget, you have the option to watch it full screen in the lower right hand corner.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Video from Guate

Here are some collections of the video we took in Guate.  There are a few so pace yourselves! In case you didn't know, with a You Tube video there is a button in the lower right hand corner, just before the button with the arrow pointing up, that looks like a little light grey square in a dark grey square.  If you click it you can watch the video full screen!

This one is of various family members meeting Liam for the first time and the big family fiesta we had early on in the trip.

This is video of our trip to the pool on the coast of Guatemala with Edwin's grandparents and his Aunt Priscilla and her family

These are a few clips of our trip to Antigua - Well mostly Liam in Antigua

This is a little video up at the finca.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Guatemala Part 2

Here are the pictures that highlight the last half of our trip to Guatemala. We went out to Huehuetenango and then up to the plantation. Liam was such a great traveler! He was like a circus attraction up at the finca, our big, white, blue eyed baby who laughs a lot! We are now back in Bellingham for the next month and so glad to be home. We came home to snow and very cold weather, but I was obviously made to live in Washington, because I love it! Next month we are off to Atlanta for a rare gathering of all of Edwin's cousins and their kids. I imagine there will be a ton of pictures from there too.

Here are some tips to really enjoy the slideshow.  Once you hit the play button there will be a square in the bottom right hand corner with four arrows in it.  Click that button and the slide show will be full screen.  Once it is full screen there will be some options in the top right of your screen. Click on "Show Info" and you will be able to see the captions of the photos.  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Guatemala Part 1

I am writing from Guatemala and we are over half way through our trip here. We left on the 23rd of February and will be heading home on the 11th of March. We have already done so much here and there is much left to do.  The main purpose of our trip down was to introduce Liam to the other half of his family and heritage. The last half of the trip will be dedicated to the business. 

We spent the first few days in Guatemala City visiting with family.  The 26th was Evie's birthday. For those of you who don't know, that is Edwin's mom. The day before we had a big family fiesta at the house. On her birthday we went out to a beautiful restaurant and then toured a part of the city. Friday, a bunch of us went out to a pool on the coast for a BBQ and some swimming. 

Saturday, Edwin's parents came with us to Antigua to spend a few days relaxing.  We stayed in Edwin's uncle Luis' house, which is beautiful, and did some touring around from there. All in all we have had a great time and have really enjoyed the family.  

Liam has been a big hit here. He has acquired several new nicknames and is working on a lot of new tricks.  Everyone down here thinks he's huge! And they are very taken with his white skin and blue eyes. He has not suffered for love in the least! He started rolling over from his back to his stomach, but then he gets stuck and can't get back, which is very upsetting for him. He also started moaning while he falls asleep, which I love.  It is the sweetest sound!  He is such a happy, content little guy.  He has traveled really well, is content in anyone's arms and smiles all of the time. 

Now we are out in Huehuetenango for the rest of our time in Guatemala.  Sunday we will head up to the plantation for a night, which should prove to be interesting with a baby.  We'll let you know how that goes. But for now, here are some pictures of the last week and a half.  I am not on my own computer so I couldn't do much, but at least you can see a little of what is going on down here!  You'll have to wait until we get home to see the rest...

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