Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Catching up with Jonah

My little guy is growing up so fast, too fast! I am constantly amazed at how big and strong he is and how he is blowing all of those little baby milestones out of the water.

He started rolling over from his tummy to his back in December and then hit a little lull. But by mid January he perfected his roll over both ways and hasn't stopped since. Today he is making his way all around the house, devouring solid foods like a starving wolf, exploring everything and anything and lighting up my world with his sweet, easygoing, humorous nature. Jonah is such a fun baby and it just kills me that he won't be a baby for very much longer!

Here's a little video of some of his milestones from the end of January to now. Remember, if you're reading this on the email, you have to click the blog title to go to the actual blog post in order to see the video.

And here is a picture of Liam, just because it's funny. He could care less about the Lincoln Logs, but the Lincoln Log container was a TON of fun!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Decade Ago...

we got married on a sunny day, just like today, and I am so GLAD! Happy 10th Anniversary to the perfect and only man for me! We can't be old enough to have been married for 10 years already, can we? Of course, we did get married when we were just babies, so I guess that makes sense.

You know I can get really wordy and sentimental sometimes with my cards and posts, but I decided in honor of our 10 years AND it being our golden anniversary (ten years on the 10th day of February) I'm just going to sum it all up with my top ten favorite memories and/or things I love about you!

10. I have been married to you for 10 years and I am still finding out new things about you. Most recently, how creative with designing things you are.

9. Your sense of adventure and desire for the spontaneous. I can't imagine how boring I would be without you!

8. That we literally built our own home together, with our own four hands.

7. Surfing with your for the very first time in Hawaii, on our honeymoon, and the excited, proud look on your face when you saw me get up for the very first time.

6. Your ability to love people, no matter who, no matter what. People are constantly drawn to you and your incredible nature. So much so that I have to pray sometimes that we don't run into anyone we know when we go out together and I want some privacy!

5. How life is more important than time to you (this one is a little love/hate :) ). It doesn't matter if you have a whole list of things to do, you will always slow down and give the best of yourself to the kids and I. Like the time you had a million things to accomplish in the shop and yard, yet you patiently allowed Liam to help you put the table together, even though it took 10 minutes to screw in each screw.

4. That you are so in tune with the needs of people around you. You anticipate what someone will need even before they need it. And you make yourself available to serve so that everyone else around you can just relax and enjoy themselves!

3. Our last minute trip to Disneyland, planned the day of, about 3 hours before we hit the road! Grilling burgers in the back of the pick up in the parking garage, driving all night, listening to tunes and talking about everything. This one is a definite repeat someday, but maybe we should go to Disney World next time!

2. Your incredible good looks, and the fact that you were kind enough to pass them on to our kids, who are SO CUTE!

1. The phenomenal father and teammate you have become in raising our boys. You are fun, sensitive, loving, stern, flexible, patient, and willing to learn. Liam and Jonah are so lucky to have you and so am I!

I know there are so many more and probably some that would rank higher even than some of these, but these are all precious to me in every way (and they were the extent of what I could come up with, with our two screaming blessings in the background!). I am humbled by you often and more in love with you than ever before. May God grant us many more decades and millions of memories in the years to come. I love you.